WeWi Advanced Research Division - W.A.R.D


Divided into different sectors, W.A.R.D is the advanced research arm of WeWi Telecommunications, Inc. While most of the division is dedicated towards internal projects, we also take on external projects.

Members and groups invited to work under the division have been involved in various projects throughout their careers. From weaponry and defense systems, to clean-tech, high-tech and health-care projects, we have a solid background and understanding of what it takes to bring a concept to life under the most rigorous specifications and quite often through difficult budgets.

Software Innovation


From ballistics calculation to innovative encryption software as well as financial systems and shop-floor automation solutions, our team has decades of experience in building unique project specific solutions.

Product Designing


Employing the most recent and cutting edge CAD systems, we have an industrial design team and an affiliate of engineers that are experienced in producing high-quality designs with minimal tolerance for error. We are experienced designing systems for military specifications and standards and treat each project with the highest regard to quality.

Rapid Product Prototyping


Using 3D printers WARD is able to produce highly detailed prototypes that are not only functional but also give us a great insight into any difficulties which may arise with the finished product.



While WeWi does not have manufacturing capabilities, our partners have the capacities to manufacture and fulfill high-speed, high-volume orders. Sometimes this is the most difficult part, considering a lot of communication must flow back and forth between parties. We work closely with our manufacturers and have established intensive Quality Assurance processes that make sure items are executed to our standards. 

Clean-Tech, High-Tech, Telecom and Software development

Distribution Channels and Logistics


Shipping to, or distributing globally, our distribution partners have access to a variety of distribution channels that can help our clients get their products into market efficiently and more quickly.