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About WeWi


WeWi is governed by experienced industry veterans who understand that the market is not only growing in the number of its users, but also has a growing number of technologies offered under its services.

A telecom service provider (ISP) provides connectivity to the World Wide Web but this is not where it stops. The ISP has a large array of core network infrastructure equipment that is built to maintain and service its customers. Additional services benefit both the ISP and the subscribers by integrating new services under one bill. Since the facilities and tech support staff are already in place to help and maintain the network and its customers, adding new equipment and supporting new service offerings requires less capital and effort than it would have been otherwise, should these services were through an independent and dedicated service.

Our Specialities

Disaster Recovery Planning


Our background in military and government build-outs give us a unique insight into the requirements and needs for any type of business looking to establish high-grade and highly efficient recovery planning. We do not only consult, but research the requirements for each and every client to provide them with tailored planning resources.

Wireless Data Connectivity


Having built our own high-speed wireless 4G private network, we understand the complexities involved in networking infrastructure roll-outs. We can help any institution with design, planning and with the rollout of private highly secure networks that could span anywhere from a campus to an entire country.

Designing and deploying data centers


WeWi's teams, as well as our partners have decades of experience with building scalable corporate, military and government data centers with heavy-duty grade redundency plans built from the ground up. We can help you design, plan and deploy any type of data center that is custom built to your business needs.

High-Grade Quality Assurance (QA)


24/7 Technical Support


Customer Support Representatives and Technicians you can relate to. We do not outsource our support.


Flexible ways to acquire support


On-Site visiations


Friendly and extremely knowledgeable

Always available