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“What can you do with a truly cutting edge network?”


This is the question WeWi asks as it continues to expand its service offerings.

WeWi's Executive Team


WeWi Telecommunications Inc. is owned by experienced industry veterans who understand that the market is not only growing in the number of its users, but also has a growing number of technologies offered under its services.

Lieutenant colonel (ret) Yoram Snir


C.T.O Yoram started his career in the Israeli Air Force as a fighter jet pilot. During his service, Yoram designed and developed key technologies for the air force including a network to command, monitor and assess multi-million dollar aircrafts. Following his service as a pilot, Yoram joined the I.M.I Israeli Military Industries where he designed and developed communications and data networks.


David M. Snir


C.E.O and founder, David started his career as a freelancer in software development and telecommunications analyst. Serving as a project manager (PMP) for several start-ups David gained access to the IT industry where he demonstrated strong leadership and analytical problem solving skills through many major projects. David has also researched and published a book about cognitive neurophysiology, swarm intelligence, and artificial intelligence using adaptive learning systems. David holds several patents ranging from software, communications and mechanical designs. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Royal International Society for the Advancement of Telecommunications as well a Director and C.E.O of Adcquire Inc.


Roland Carson


Strategic Business Development Advisor - Roland brings many years of software development and data warehousing. For the past 18 years he has worked in North American IT industry on various large scale projects in different capacities. He holds university degree in Computer Science and two diplomas in Information Technology. He is also a member of Institute of Data Processing Management (UK) and Association of System Managers. He’s a strong believer in using technology to improve societies. He’s currently the CEO of Illio Inc. Roland also serves as the CIO of Adcquire Inc. and has a board seat on the Royal International Society for the Advancement of Telecommunications.