All this buzz around the cloud. What about the risks of connection disruption?


Not having a back up connection to your business is like not having fire extinguishers in you wood cabin.


Yes, the fire department will come in time to put the fire down, but what will be left of your cabin?







Private Sector


Disasters can come in many forms, but when they strike they can leave a heavy dent on your business. To minimize or even mitigate the risk, the only solution you have is to be well prepared.

Our services span from data connectivity to providing you with software that help you run your business, whatever it may be. Utilizing decades of experience of working with defences, government and financial institutions, we also take pride in our ability to provide you with solutions that will keep your business out of harms way.

Disaster Recovery Planning and Connectivity Services


WeWi can service institutions via a direct link to our (or our partner's) network’s backbone with maximum speed, un-capped bandwidth. The data link and limitless bandwidth will allow for an agile transfer of communications between departments and government agencies.



Members of our team as well as some our partners are security experts and White Hat/ethical hackers. They enjoy finding weaknesses in software and networks. We offer penetration tests, vulnerability assessments. We don't only deal with networking. Your business may require asset security monitoring, advanced access solutions or other features. We can help you plan and implement security features from the ground up, as well as provide you with training for multiple scenarios and guidebooks to help your employees identify threats and stop them from causing your business any harm.




Vulnerability testing & Security consulting

Real-time 24/7 Monitoring

Secure web access (monitor from anywhere in the world)

Full automation and customization

Break in, unauthorized access, Smoke & Fire monitoring

Appliance control

Climate control

Night Vision IP Cameras

IP Biometric & Face Recognition Access Modules

Plan, Design & Deploy Data centers

We are highly experienced with planning and deploying data centers for various applications. We can also help with identifying your business requirements and deploy software that suits your needs.



WeWi is able to offer its enterprise clients with software solutions required to run and operate their business. Our In-House built system is already in use by some of the largest manufacturers and distributers in Canada across several industries.




A complete ERP (CRM, BPO, BI)

Shop Floor Automation

Production and Material Management

Raw Materials Management

Inventory Management

Payroll Management

Human Resources Management