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Healthcare Management Services


From managing medical records to tools that help medical professionals with studying how to contain the spread of epidemic disease, we provide you with both the tools and know-how’s for scaling up and virtualizing health care efforts.

Centralized Healthcare Systems


Centralized healthcare systems are essential for managing health services. Using a database to monitor patient records and aggregating statistical data tailored to integrated health information and activities, can dramatically help reduce costs as well as provide tools for communicating with insurance agencies.


Health care professionals and service providers can benefit from a centralized system by having access to organized patient records that can help diagnose and treat patients regardless of affiliation to a specific region in the country.


WeWi will deploy the centralized system on dedicated servers that can be accessed through its network.


WeWi will be providing the tools in a platform independent SaaS – that require no special installation of expensive per- license software allowing for the service to be implemented across all institutions such as the Ministry of Health as well as healthcare institutions and insurance agencies.


Through its network of vendors, WeWi can also help by introducing important tools for identification of patients such as issuance and assignment of Health Cards to Ghanaian citizens that can greatly reduce the time it takes to identify and retrieve patient records in hospitalization. Other tools, such as RFID wristbands, scanners/writers can also be introduced to the services to reduce doctor-errors such as prescription mismanagement.




Centralized Electronic Medical Records Management(EMR)

Treatment administration and discovery tools

Integrated Reporting/Statistics and Measurement Tools

Affiliate knowledge transfer for drug/medicine-related data management

Clinical Procedures and Case studies Resource Tool

Hospital Information System

100% paperless patient examination and history taking

Lab Administration

Medical Stock and supply chain management

Plan, Design & Deploy Data centers

We are highly experienced with planning and deploying data centers for various applications. We can also help with identifying your business requirements and deploy software that suits your needs.

Part of our team consists of Medical Research and Medical Biophysics Imaging professionals


We can help you with the procurement and deployment of various medical research equipment