Emergency, First Response & Judicial Services


From computer-aided dispatch, to court records management and judicial services, we can consult, plan and help any agency deploy integrated solutions to help in the prevention and mitigation of crime.


Municipal Services & e-Government


WeWi can consult and deploy, install suites of integrated and intuitive software tools that are in-use by some of the finest law-enforcement agencies in North America.


These cutting edge solutions help municipalities with all their efforts to reduce crime rates by empowering its finest with the right tools they need to get to a crime scene or emergency, investigate and process criminals.


Members of the WeWi’s executive team are experienced in large build-out of police and military frameworks with involvements in homeland security projects such as robotic bomb defuse squads and databases.


Together with our software partners, we will introduce the tools to the network and help with training and rollout of the technology among the different departments.



Fully integrated 911 center


Computer Aided Dispatch for Police, Fire, Rescue, EMS and Corrections departments.


Judicial organizations – Share data seamlessly with records management and field reporting applications.


Vehicle installation services for ruggedized laptops in police cars to allow for quick implementation of technology that communicates effortlessly with the Operation Center and the centralized law enforcement tools.

Improving Police Efforts Through Technology