e-Governance & e-Government Solutions


Improving clutter, long lines and overall governance efficiency.


Making both government employees and citizens happier

Public Sector


e-Governance is in place to improve public services. It is the most efficient way to conduct day-to-day government operations processes but it also assures that citizens and businesses have an easy access to communicate and fulfill their requirements.   

Municipal Services & e-Government


Municipal software enables government agencies to manage every citizen and to deliver superior citizen services. WeWi delivers the industry’s leading solutions for improving efficiencies and service delivery by offering online payment options to save citizens time, implementing citizen request management and 311 solutions to improve response times to inquiries, or creating a more informative and user-friendly municipal web site.


The service empowers government staff to offer the best in customer services.


Government CRM software helps manage citizen requests by documenting the initial citizen contact and tracking it through to a final resolution. Whether it’s a simple question/ request, or a more complicated issue that has to be routed and tracked across departments, CRM empowers your entire staff to work smarter and more efficiently. It gives governments peace of mind that your citizens are getting the “best in class” service, and provides you with the data, reporting, and insights to help you meet your goals and improve the quality of life for your citizens.



Land Management


Property Assessment


Tax-Collection, Cashiering and Revenue Management


Citizen Request Management & 311


Centralized Knowledgebase for faster resolution


Contact Center Software


Park & Recreation software


WeWi will provide a free training program for government staff to use the new municipal tools.

Imagine a day without paper

The paperless office isn't a new concept. But it is the power of the internet that really makes the concept possible with the secure transfer of digitally signed documents.