Military Strategic Operation Control Services


Members of our team have developed and built systems used by armies and even international peace keeping institutions such as NATO.

The military is a complex structured organization that operates in challenging technical environments. While the requirements for use of weapons have not changed in ages, the tools on the battlefield have changed tremendously. Firepower is a key element for success, but agility and fast reaction speeds are just as crucial.


WeWi will introduce tools required for the procedural coordination of systems distributed across the battlefield that are capable of automatically sharing information from sensors (via adaptors) and automate reporting to tactical-base and HQ through WeWi’s 4G network.


Command can then visually manage the scope and complexity of interoperability through the planning environment and decide on how to deploy counter-action procedures.




Battlefield Interoperability Software


Tactical Interoperability of Command and Control


Support design and structure tradeoff analyses of army organizations


Study alternative operation concepts


Determine the effectiveness of units and estimate the level of attrition for personnel and equipment


Rapid force-on-force analysis tools


Joint Forces Exercise Support System


Force deployment analysis


Tactical engagement model analysis

Strategic & Tactical Software/Hardware

Each defence contract comes with specific project requirements. We take the time to analyze each opportunity and build solutions that will not only produce results but exceed all expectations.