“What can you do with a truly cutting edge network?”


This is the question WeWi asks as it continues to expand its service offerings.

WeWi Telecommunications, Inc.


Started as a B2B Internet Service Provider, and evolved into a Global Solutions

Provider with a unique advanced research division involved in security, telecom and innovative energy products.


WeWi Telecommunications Inc. started as Canada's first 4G network.


The company was dedicated to provide the ultimate wireless connectivity to businesses in Canada.


WeWi Telecommunications was able to provide subscribers with not only the fastest, most reliable and secure ISP services, but at extremely competitive prices.


The company's roots and core focus is on research, development and deployment. We've taken our B2B ISP business model to much further heights by combining our knowledge in software/hardware engineering and networking together. The marriage between connectivity and cloud solutions allowed us to propel our business offerings and introduce many value added services far extending the traditional service provider approach.



Innovative from the start

Network Core


WeWi's core network did not rely on piggybacking on current incumbents. Instead we set an ambitious goal to build and operate our very own network. We've constructed our own mobile pneumatic tower and built our own Service Operations Center (SOC) that still provides unprecedented connectivity results.


WeWi didn't stop there. Being unsatisfied by the current CPE offerings, we took it upon ourselves to design and create our own CPE (Customer Permission Equipment) that evolved into a unique first-of-its kind devices.


High-Grade Quality Assurance (QA)


24/7 Technical Support


Customer Support Representatives and Technicians you can relate to. We do not outsource our support.


Flexible ways to acquire support


On-Site visiations


Friendly and extremely knowledgeable

Always available