All this buzz around the cloud. What about the risks of connection disruption?


Not having a back up connection to your business is like not having fire extinguishers in you wood cabin.


Yes, the fire department will come in time to put the fire down, but what will be left of your cabin?



Being highly experienced in building private, government and military networks and data centers, our teams and partners are capable of helping you plan, design and deploy extremely efficient and secure infrastructure.

WeWi isn't just about data communications. Our teams have developed software solutions for Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, militaries and governments.


We strive to provide our clients with solutions that can last for decades but more  importantly, solutions that will be scalable and cutting edge for generations of different applications.

Disaster Recovery Planning and Connectivity Services


WeWi can service institutions via a direct link to the our (or our partner's) network’s backbone with maximum speed, and un-capped bandwidth. The data link and limitless bandwidth will allow for an agile transfer of communications between departments and government agencies.

Municipal Data Centers and e-Government


Municipal software enables government agencies to manage every citizen and to deliver superior citizen services. WeWi delivers the industry’s leading solutions for improving efficiencies and service delivery by offering online payment options to save citizens time, implementing citizen request management and 311 solutions to improve response times to inquiries, or creating a more informative and user-friendly municipal web site.

Emergency, First Response & Judicial Services


Integrated solutions (Hardware & Software) for policing, judicial, first response and all other dispatch requirements.

Defence - Military Strategic Operations Control


Integrated solutions (Hardware & Software) for challenging tactical environments where agility and fast reaction speeds are crucial

Plan, Design & Deploy Data centers

We are highly experienced with planning and deploying data centers for various applications. We can also help with identifying your business requirements and deploy software that suits your needs.

Healthcare Management Services


Centralized system on dedicated servers to monitor patient records and aggregating statistical data tailored to integrated health information and activities.



WeWi is able to offer its enterprise clients with software solutions required to run and operate their business. Our In-House built system is already in use by some of the largest manufacturers and distributers in Canada across several industries.