Unmanned Lighter than Air Reconnaissance Stealth Drone - ULTAR-SV


The ULTAR-SV Drone is designed for long-range, long duration reconnaissance flights. It was designed to leave zero heat, minimal reflection/emission footprint making it invisible to radar and infrared.

ULTAR-SV is particularly useful during night missions where it can hover for hours over a battle field, provide tactical intelligence and surveillance gathering.


The ULTAR-SV Drone is equipped with a unique software on board controlling its flight systems which can allow for remote operation by inexperienced pilots. It can read wind changes, temperature changes, altitude as well as environmental factors and react automatically to "balance" and position the drone. The auto-pilot features allow operators to focus on gathering critical information instead of piloting the UAV.

General Uses


The ULTAR-SV Drone is useful for various applications, including:
- Military
- Domestic Policing
- Intelligence Service
- Aerial Ground Surveying (Land use)
- Commercial aerial Surveillance
- Search and Rescue
- Geophysical Surveying (Oil, Gas and mineral exploration)





On-Board Instrumentation

- Night vision equipment
- Remote sensing equipment (electromagnetic spectrum sensors, chemical sensors)
- Scientific instruments (wind, pressure, temperature, gyroscope are used by the flight system but can output results to mission control)
- Other instruments can be installed per request.